Sr High School


Sr. High School

9th-12th Grade

Faith Baptist Schools offers a Christ-centered, classical, college preparatory curriculum. The curriculum is taught from a biblical worldview and is enriched by a classical emphasis. All that is taught in the classroom, reinforced in athletics, and modeled by the faculty aims to further a student’s apprenticeship to Jesus Christ. The curriculum is designed to further the discipleship of mind and heart.

The curriculum is especially designed to prepare students for college. The PSAT is taken in the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades. The eleventh grade scores are used to determine National Merit Scholarships, which can contribute greatly to college options and scholarships. The eleventh grade is the single most important year for college placement, and is often the most difficult. During the senior year the greatest number of Advanced Placement courses may be taken.

College Board A.P. Courses

FBS offers an Advanced Placement curriculum taught from a biblical worldview. The AP exams in particular courses provide an objective educational standard across the entire curriculum. Rather than teaching to an arbitrary standard, the AP courses set the rigor and expectation for every course. While it is impossible to teach to the test in this case, it is possible to teach to the rigor of these exams. Students are not required to take AP exams and may generally take courses in areas of interest and ability.  In 2014, FBS scored a 96% overall AP exam pass rate distinguishing it's student among the nations top tiered institutions.