Fine Arts


The arts play an important role in a well-rounded education and Faith Baptist Schools is committed to offering our students top-notch training in these areas as well as in our academic disciplines.135374930762597.V1L2SIXMEMcgHpqQijgH_height640

The purpose of our drama department is to promote understanding of aesthetics, historical and cultural awareness and the interconnections of the arts and other disciplines.

Drama students at Faith learn how to act and move on stage as well as how to portray different characters. They are trained in the fundamental skills of theatre arts, including improvisation techniques, body control, voice, diction, and pantomime.

Each year, the drama students’ hard work and dedication culminates in a play that they put on in April. Parents, students, family and members of the community are invited to attend.



Faith Baptist Schools is committed to helping our students be well-rounded and knowledgeable in the arts. One way that we provide for arts education and enrichment is through our music classes.

In addition to the in-school music education options we offer, Faith students are given the option to take private and group music lessons during school with our music teachers, Mr. Joel Sturm, Mrs. Beth Sturm, Mrs. Rica Sibol, and Mr. Timothy Brock.

135702830017294.NB3sl9hDk9RyOrxduBe5_height640Private and Group music lessons are given for band, piano, and strings. Beginning (1st-3rd grades), Elementary (4th-6th grades) and Advanced Choir (7th-12th grades) is also offered each semester.

The music program spends the fall months preparing for and rehearsing music to be performed each year at a Christmas recital. There is another recital held just before the end of the school year in spring. Our students dedicate a great amount of time and energy to preparing for the annual recitals and they consistently deliver incredible performances.

Parents, students, friends and other members of the community are invited to attend these recitals.


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Choir Program (Beginning and Elementary levels)